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Understanding Usher

Core Concepts

While Usher can be used to deliver partner programs that reward partners for driving actions to web applications, Usher also incorporates decentralization, enabling an experience where partners can be rewarded for driving actions to Smart Contracts, and by distributing rewards to partners across the world instantaneously through your choice of cryptocurrencies.

Designed for Web3 and Web2 businesses, Usher simplifies and safeguards partnership management through its key components: Usher Core, Usher.js, and Usher Programs. This documentation comprehensively guides Usher's distinctive features, benefits, and use cases.

Decentralization Benefits

Decentralization offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved security and data integrity
  • Increased trust and transparency
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Reduced intermediaries in referral programs
  • Interoperability with other platforms and networks


Share-to-earn is a novel concept that encapsulates referral programs and affiliate marketing. Usher delivers share-to-earn capabilities through its open-source stack, enabling users to earn rewards for sharing and promoting products, protocols, networks, charities or other services.

Share-to-Earn Benefits

  • Cost-effective pay-for-performance marketing
  • Elevate a community into evangelists
  • Incentivize sharing
  • Greater reach and visibility

Community-Driven Development

Usher is committed to engaging with its community, involving users in the development process, and actively seeking feedback for continuous improvement.

Crypto Rewards

Usher manages rewards in cryptocurrency, offering faster, cheaper, and more secure international instantaneous remittance, especially beneficial for Web3 businesses. Rewards are handled using escrow wallets that are secured to each campaign, ensuring giving partner network operators full control over operations, security and transparency.

Fiat Rewards

Coming soon, fiat remittance can be incorporated into the Usher Core through cryptocurrency off-ramps, and authentication. Partners can register an account using a traditional social or email/password login, and then withdraw their rewards in fiat through the use of an integrated off-ramp relevant to their region.

The philosophy behind using cryptocurrency as a default is to guarantee unrestricted worldwide delivery of the platform by default.

Commission Flexibility

Usher enables businesses to set their own commission structure for referral programs, providing options like flat-rate, tiered, or percentage-based commissions to incentivize partners and drive growth.

Integration Use Cases

Usher offers versatility to be utilised in various scenarios to deliver pay-for-performance marketing. Examples include:

  • Web3 network/protocol developers seeking to turn their community members into incentivised partners
  • E-commerce site owners seeking to further compensate their influencer network through bonuses on actions referred
  • B2B SaaS companies seeking to expand into new markets through resellers
  • Non-profit organizations and crowdfunding platforms seeking to increase their cash flow through affiliates

Guidelines for choosing to integrate the right components:

  • Usher.js: Necessary for tracking referrals and registering conversions
  • Usher Programs: Best for agencies or businesses with complex marketing requirements
  • Usher Core: Ideal for organizations looking to facilitate their own partner network

To learn how to intgrate Usher components into your application, please refer to the Usher Ecosystem Documentation.

Third-Party Integrations

Usher can integrate with other Web3 applications, as well as internal systems, social platforms, or any API-enabled software service, fostering a connected ecosystem that benefits all parties involved.

Decentralizing Partnerships

Usher is also actively working on further decentralizing funds management by integrating smart contracts into the process, ensuring a more secure, transparent, and efficient system for all stakeholders.

Combining decentralization and smart contracts offers a robust and innovative solution for managing partnerships in various industries, paving the way for more secure and trustless partnerships.