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Security Measures


Usher is a platform built on trust, transparency, and security principles. This section outlines the various security measures the Usher stack incorporates to mitigate risks of fraud, safeguard user data, and ensure a reliable platform experience.

Personhood Verification

Personhood Verification (PV) is an optional but highly recommended security measure for campaigns to ensure Sybil Resistance and prevent malicious mass-user attacks on Partner Programs. Similar in nature to KYC software, PV leverages decentralization and cutting-edge zero-knowledge technologies to keep partners’ anonymity secure, while delivering the benefits of biometrics sybil resistance. This maintains the worldwide accessibility of the platform while keeping Brands and Partner Programs secure.

By verifying each human partner's unique identity, PV helps prevent bad-actor partners from engaging in click-farming activities that may siphon rewards from a partner program.

When is PV Necessary?

PV is necessary when the financial value rewarded to the partner is less than the value acquired from the Referred User at the same conversion point. In other words, PV should be employed when the reward value at conversion is higher than the cost of executing PV.

Examples of when PV is required:

  1. An app that rewards partners with unvalued NFTs when a Referred User creates an account by connecting their wallet.
  2. A website that rewards partners for leads generated through form submissions.

The above examples do not include financial value capture at the point of conversion and reward. Without PV, the campaigns in these examples are susceptible to mass-user attacks, meaning that a bad-acting partner can claim more rewards than they truly deserve.

Examples of when PV is not required:

  1. A DeFi app where partners are rewarded when Referred Users stake crypto, and the rewards for each conversion are a fraction of the fees accrued by the Web3 brand.
  2. An eCommerce store that rewards partners after an item has been purchased by a referred user.
  3. An NFT marketplace where partners are rewarded when Referred Users purchase an NFT, and the rewards for each purchase are a fraction of the fees accrued by the NFT marketplace.

How PV Works

Usher uses Humanode to facilitate biometrics processing, ensuring a unique human being manages each partner account. Humanode's technology combines zero-knowledge technology with FaceTec , a global leader in biometrics, delivering a reliable and secure means of personhood verification for all parties involved.


Video and media captured for biometrics processing will never leave the user's device. Instead, a mathematical facial model is produced and encrypted on the device before being sent to Humanode, a decentralized network, for processing.

This is a video demonstrating the process of verifying your personhood:

Bot Prevention

Usher takes a proactive approach to bot prevention, ensuring that your partnerships remain spam-free and focused on real human users.

BotD: The First Line of Defense

Usher Invite Links embed a bot detection framework by the team at This technology is trained to determine whether a browser is real, or emulated.

HCaptcha: The Last Line of Defense

Usher employs the HCaptcha system to truly differentiate between bots and humans. This technology protects both the Partner UI (preventing spam account creation) and the Invite system (verifying the humanity of Referred Users).

Key Takeaways

Usher's comprehensive security measures are designed to instil confidence in the platform's reliability and protect users from potential risks. Using personhood verification and bot prevention, Usher creates an environment where users can enjoy a secure, engaging, and trustworthy experience.