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Supporting Partners


This section offers an overview of the valuable tools and resources available for partners on the Usher platform. We're committed to partner success and provide tailored support and resources to help partners thrive.

Dashboard and Partner UI


The dashboard and partner UI is the foundation for managing partnerships effectively, giving partners a clear view of their activity, rewards, and claims. This interface becomes available once a user logs into the Usher platform, whether it's the managed Usher instance or a self-hosted instance by the brand. This accessibility ensures partners can monitor their progress seamlessly — and minimises the operational overhead imposed on you.

Partners receive unique Usher Invite Links for their campaigns, which can be shared on websites, social media, or anywhere suited. Brands can configure the Destination URL to direct users to their web application, where the Usher.js Library works seamlessly to track conversions.

Web3 Brands may configure the Destination URL to direct users to documentation or other educational material that educates the referred user on how to engage their protocol or network. In this circumstance, Usher’s Invite Link may capture the referred user’s wallet so that the referral can be attributed to the partner once a transaction is submitted, and the relevant Smart Contract event is emitted.

Watch our tutorial video on how to create referral links and manage wallet connections for partners:

Partner Performance Statistics

Learn more about the partner performance statistics, including link hits, pending conversions, and rewards, by watching our video tutorial:

Conversions and Security

Tracking Conversions

Conversion tracking is crucial for successful partnership management. Usher's robust security mechanisms within Invite Links ensure the prevention of fraudulent activities.

Validation & Escrow Wallets

Conversions must be validated with Usher's cryptographic signature. Validated conversions are then recorded within Usher, and rewards are managed through escrow wallets. Each campaign has a corresponding encrypted wallet that is funded by the Brand responsible for the campaign. The Operator is responsible for managing access to their database where encrypted campaign wallets reside.

Claiming Rewards

Reward Allocation

Rewards are first allocated to partner wallets before any remittance takes place. This ensures that on-chain miner fees are only paid when partners claim their rewards. Once the conversion is recorded within Usher, partners can view their total conversions count and claimable rewards. Partners can initiate a claim by clicking a button, which triggers the transfer from the escrow wallet to the partner's wallet.


There are plans underway to simplify and decentralise funds management entirely — simplifying the process of operating Usher significantly.

Reward Types

Learn about the different reward types, such as ERC20 compatible tokens and NFTs, and their compatibility requirements by watching our video tutorial:

Customizing Campaigns

Brands have the flexibility to tailor campaigns and programs to their specific needs. Banner and Logo images can be added to campaigns to improve the identifiability of the underlying Brand sponsoring the campaign. External links to informational content can improve the partner's understanding of a Brand’s campaign — improving transparency.

Operators can customise their Usher Core entirely, adding their own branding to the partner portal in order to improve the partner onboarding experience.