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Campaign Properties

This table lists all of the properties that can be configured within a Campaign.

Object Property Name/KeyTypeDescriptionRequired
idstringThe identifier of the Campaign. This could be an ID within a Smart Contract or a Blockchain Transaction Address, depending on the chain.true
chainstringThe blockchain identifier. i.e., arweave, ethereum, polygon.true
ownerstringThe Wallet Address associated with the Brand/Advertiser.false
eventsarrayAn array of Conversion Events. These events represent different stages in the Referred User's journey where Conversions are tracked.false
events[].strategystringSpecifies the reward strategy for the event, which can be either flat or percentage.false
events[].ratefloatThe reward rate for the event. For the flat strategy, this rate is a flat amount of tokens rewarded to partners. For the percentage strategy, this rate is a multiplier, applied to the metadata.amount submitted in the Conversion Parameter.false
events[].nativeLimitintegerAn arbitrary value that restricts the conversions processed for a given event for the referred/native user. Where a Conversion.nativeId is provided, the Referred User can continue triggering conversions until the sum of all Conversion.commit values meets this nativeLimit.false
events[].perCommitintegerDefines the reward amount in relation to the conversion.commit value, such that reward = rate * (commit / perCommit), if no reward perCommit is defined.false
events[].descriptionstringA description for the event trigger. The phrase "when" is added before this description in the Usher Partner App UI.false
reward.namestringThe name of the rewarded token, e.g., "Ether", "Arweave", "My Cool NFT".false
reward.tickerstringThe ticker for the rewarded token, e.g., "ETH", "AR", "MYCNFT".false
reward.typestringThe type of token rewarded to Partners. This is an enumerator with possible values: token, nft, or pst.false
reward.limitintegerA limit on the total rewards for the campaign. Once this limit is reached in claimed rewards, the Campaign is considered complete.false
conflict_strategystringDetermines the referral behavior when two Partners refer the same user prior to a tracked conversion. PASSTHROUGH is default, and ensures the first Invite Link used takes precedence. OVERWRITE is optional and ensures the last Invite Link used takes precedence.false
details.destination_urlstringThe URL that Campaign Partners will redirect users to.false
details.namestringName for the Campaign for easy recognition by Partners.false
details.descriptionstringA detailed description of the Campaign, explaining when and how users are converted once they reach the destination_url.false
details.imagestringA hosted image URL to enhance the recognizability of the Campaign.false
details.external_linkstringA URL for Partners to visit for more information about the Campaign. This can be a landing page promoting the partnership program.false
advertiser.namestringName of the Advertiser.false
advertiser.iconstringA hosted image URL of the Advertiser's Brand Icon.false
advertiser.descriptionstringA description of the Advertiser and their related services or propositions.false
advertiser.external_linkstringA URL for Partners to visit to learn more about the Advertiser.false
advertiser.twitterstringA Twitter URL for Partners to visit to learn more and get updates from the Advertiser.false
disable_verificationbooleanIf set to true, Personhood Verification will NOT be required for Partners to start referring users and earning rewards. Personhood Verification is generally recommended to be active for Campaigns. Learn morefalse
unlistedbooleanDetermines whether the Campaign will be displayed on the Usher Explore Page. Partnership Programs that wish to remain private, and/or include a Whitelist of Partners can opt to set this to true.false
whitelist.partnersstring[]An array of Partner identifiers. By default, Campaigns will not include the Whitelist feature.false
whitelist.external_linkstringA URL hosting a Form or other data collection method. Partners can use this URL to submit their application to participate in the Partner program.false