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Campaign Management on the Usher Platform


Welcome to the Campaign Management section, where we'll guide you through the process of setting up and managing campaigns on the Usher platform. Effective campaign management is crucial to maximizing the potential of your partner programs. By the end of this guide, you'll be equipped with the know-how to create and manage campaigns effectively on Usher.

Creating and Configuring Campaigns

Campaign Object Basics

Before diving into campaign creation, it's essential to understand the Campaign Object, which consists of immutable campaign terms, mutable campaign details, and the brand/advertiser profile. Immutable terms define the core structure of your campaign, while mutable details and profiles allow for customization and flexibility.

Campaign object JSON - Web Tracking example
"id": "ida4Pebl2uULdI_rN8waEw65mVH9uIFTY1JyeZt1PBM",
"chain": "arweave",
"owner": "ksFTLgrwQGtNrhRz6MWyd3a4lvK1Oh-QF1HYcEeeFVk",
"events": [
"strategy": "flat",
"rate": 0.1,
"nativeLimit": 250000,
"perCommit": 1,
"description": "files are uploaded"
"reward": {
"name": "Arweave",
"ticker": "AR",
"type": "token",
"limit": 3000
"conflict_strategy": "PASSTHROUGH",
"details": {
"destination_url": "",
"name": "ArDrive Referral Program",
"description": "Refer users to ArDrive and earn when files are uploaded.",
"image": "",
"external_link": ""
"advertiser": {
"name": "ArDrive",
"icon": "",
"description": "Upload files forever!",
"external_link": "",
"twitter": ""
"disable_verification": false,
"unlisted": false,
"whitelist": null

To understand all the properties that can be configured within a campaign, please refer to our dedicated page on The Campaign Properties.

Campaign Creation Options

If you're comfortable working with the Terminal and NPM, you can use the Usher Programs CLI to create campaigns.

However, if you prefer a more guided approach, the Usher team can provide you with a personalized demo and campaign configuration proposal. Fill out the Usher Onboarding Form to express your interest and get started. We're here to help you every step of the way!

Check out this video tutorial demonstrating how to start a campaign and providing additional insights.

Campaign Settings

When setting up a campaign, consider the following:

  • Choose the right reward structure: Determine your campaign's most suitable reward type, rate, and limit based on your objectives.
  • Set up conversion events: Define the events that trigger rewards, such as registrations or staking, leveraging Smart Contract or Web-based events.
  • Define campaign limits: Establish limits for rewards and conversions to manage your budget effectively.
  • Customize campaign details and brand/advertiser profile: Provide information like names, descriptions, images, and external links to make your campaign stand out.

Managing Campaigns Effectively

Monitoring Campaign Performance — Coming soon

Keep track of your campaign's progress using the Usher platform's built-in metrics. Assess conversions, rewards, and the effectiveness of referral channels to make data-driven decisions for your campaign.

Modifying Campaigns

Update mutable campaign details and adjust settings based on performance. This flexibility enables you to optimize your campaign for better results.

Support & Troubleshooting

Address common issues using our troubleshooting guide and seek help from the Usher Discord Server for support and community engagement. Otherwise, create a new issue directly within the relevant GitHub repository.


Now you have a solid understanding of the campaign management process on the Usher platform. Don't hesitate to explore and experiment with different campaign settings to find the perfect fit for your objectives. Remember, the Usher community is always here to help and support you in your journey.