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When installing UsherJS on your Web App or dApp, it is highly recommended to load UsherJS on every page. This way, no matter where the Campaign redirects your Referred Users, UsherJS is installed to parse the current URL immediately.

Using with <script>

<script src=""></script>
(function () {
function convert() {
console.log("Usher loves Arweave!");
const usher = window.Usher();
id: "QOttOj5CmOJnzBHrqaCLImXJ9RwHVbMDY0QPEmcWptQ",
chain: "arweave",
eventId: 0,
metadata: {
amount: 100
if (typeof window.Usher === "undefined") {
window.UsherLoaders = window.UsherLoaders || [];
} else {
<!-- UsherJS can even be loaded here with the use of window.UsherLoaders -->

window.UsherLoaders can be used to register a function that will execute when UsherJS loads onto the page.

Using as an NPM Package

  1. Install the package
# npm
npm i

# yarn
yarn add
  1. Import the package into your project and you're good to go (with typescript compatibility)
import { Usher } from "";

const usher = Usher();
(async () => {
const conversion = await usher.convert({
id: "ida4Pebl2uULdI_rN8waEw65mVH9uIFTY1JyeZt1PBM",
chain: "arweave",
eventId: 0,
commit: 10,
// nativeId: "user_wallet_address",
metadata: {
hello: "world",
key: "value"

console.log("Conversion Result: ", conversion);

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