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Usher Programs Overview


For implementation guidance and technical details, please refer to Usher Program’s repository .


Usher Programs empowers developers and businesses to create, manage, and participate in Usher’s partner programs and community engagement initiatives from within their own applications. It works in tandem with Usher Core to deliver a comprehensive and tailored solution.

Features and Benefits

Usher Programs is designed to take features within the Usher Core and have them embedded within custom applications.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Authentication: Secure partner authentication for accessing Usher features
  • Partnerships and Invite Links: Create Invite Links within your own interface
  • Campaigns: Create new partner programs directly within your own interface

Integration within Usher Ecosystem

Usher Programs is designed to work harmoniously with other Usher components, offering versatility in implementation. Embed and manage campaigns and partnerships on any Usher Core instance through Usher Programs.

Getting Started and Resources

Visit the ``Usher Program's GitHub repository for comprehensive documentation on setting up and using the platform