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Usher Core Overview


For more information about customizing an Usher Core instance for your application, please refer to Usher Core's repository.

In this section, you will gain an understanding of Usher Core's role in the Usher ecosystem and how it empowers businesses to create a seamless, effective and worldwide partner network. Let's dive in!

Introduction to Usher Core

Usher Core is a decentralized and secure infrastructure designed to manage partnerships. As the platform’s backbone, it facilitates creating, tracking, and optimizing partner programs while ensuring data security and user integrity. Usher Core's decentralized nature promotes transparency and fosters trust between all parties in the partnership ecosystem.

The Purpose of Usher Core

The primary function of Usher Core is to facilitate and oversee partnership campaigns. Its benefits include:

  • Security: Usher Core's semi-decentralized infrastructure ensures that user data remains protected, minimizing the risk of data tampering.
  • Flexibility: The platform is built to adapt to various partnership scenarios, allowing businesses to scale and adjust their campaigns as needed.
  • Customizability: Usher Core allows organizations to tailor their partner programs to suit their unique needs, ensuring that campaigns align with their specific objectives.

These advantages contribute to the success of partnership campaigns, enabling businesses to capitalize on collaboration opportunities and drive growth.

Customize Usher Core for your needs

While Usher provides a managed Usher Core instance at, the technology is open for you to run your own version of the instance.

There are several reasons to consider deploying a self-hosted Usher Core node:

  • Control: You maintain full control over your partnership data and campaign management processes by running your own instance.
  • Customization: With a self-hosted node, you can implement features or integrations specific to your organization, add custom branding, or password-protect the entire platform to facilitate a private partner network, optimizing your partnerships and gaining a competitive edge in the market.
  • Scalability: As your partner programs grow, a self-hosted Usher Core node can be easily scaled to handle increased demand, ensuring smooth operation and uninterrupted performance.

Usher Core's Components

Usher Core is composed of key components that work together:

  • Isomorphic Next.js Interface: The interface enables partners to engage campaigns in a self-serve manner, maximizing accessibility and reducing operational overhead.
  • Database System: Usher Core employs a hybrid database approach, using centralized and decentralized databases to store and manage partnership data securely, giving partners control over their data while maintaining the flexibility of operational requirements that may surface.
  • User Integrity System: To maintain the trustworthiness of user data within the partnership ecosystem, Usher Core implements a robust user integrity system that verifies and validates user actions, ensuring a reliable and secure partnership environment.

For more information on Usher Core architecture, please refer to the Usher Core Github repository.

Getting Started with Usher Core

To start using Usher Core, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Choose your preferred deployment option (managed or self-hosted).
  2. Review the prerequisites and ensure your organization has the required technologies in place.
  3. Follow the detailed setup guide provided in the in-depth documentation at Usher Core’s repository.

Further Exploration and Support

We encourage developers and businesses alike to explore the in-depth Usher Core documentation at the Usher Core repository to better understand its features, functionalities, and potential applications.

Refer to this documentation's community and resources section for additional resources and community support. You'll find valuable insights and networking opportunities, helping you maximize your Usher Core experience.